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Helping Women Navigate Any Challenge

Women face many challenges each day, overcoming years of preconceptions about their abilities, trying to be the best in all areas of their lives, and struggling to do it all with a high level of poise. It’s not easy. Whether you’re struggling with challenges specific to gender and sexuality or you’re just a woman who’s trying to navigate the complex situations that impact all people, making time to see a therapist may help. At Compass Family Counseling, we offer affirming and supportive therapy for women in Little Rock, AR. You can learn more on this page or by reaching out to our team any time. 

Common Reasons Women Seek Therapy 

There is a commonly held misconception that therapy is only for someone who is in crisis or who has a specific mental health diagnosis. Actually, therapy can be beneficial in a variety of situations. We absolutely work with people who are dealing with crisis situations or learning skills to cope with mental health diagnoses, but we also partner with people to gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, improve communication skills, or navigate difficult situations. Some of the most common reasons women give for visiting our team include: 

  • Emotional & mental health self-care – many times we just know something feels off, and visiting a therapist can help you carefully examine your life and find the places where things aren’t quite right. 
  • Family – whether you bring the whole family in for therapy or you’re trying to deal with conflict within your family, therapy can help you better understand the role your loved ones play in your life and the role you play in your family dynamic. 
  • Relationships – from improving communication and developing skills to create more meaningful relationships to working to repair a damaged partnership, therapy can help you establish and maintain more fulfilling relationships. 
  • Divorce – when relationships end, it can be very painful, and divorces have their own added set of legal complications. Therapy can help you sort through the emotional difficulties individually or as a couple. You can even schedule therapy sessions to discuss divorce with your family, which can be especially beneficial when the end of a marriage impacts children.
  • Career – maybe your career gives you a sense of achievement and you want to plan to move forward, or maybe your career has become just one more source of stress in your life. Therapy is a great opportunity to talk through your career goals, achieve work life balance, and develop your skills to navigate conflict and get ahead. 
  • Fertility & child rearing – deciding whether or not to have children, working through fertility issues, or integrating a child into your life can all present challenges. Parenting is difficult, and women are often looked to as the main source of nurturing and support. It’s no surprise that this added pressure can cause tensions in all areas of life, but you still want to be a good parent. What do you do? Therapy can help you manage your conflicting emotions and be the best parent for your child. 

How Therapy Helps Women Achieve Their Goals 

Regardless of the reason women seek out therapy, visiting with a clinician offers a whole range of benefits. Even if you want to visit a counselor to help you deal with one specific source of conflict in your life, you’ll be surprised how often the skills you learn are applicable in other situations. Some the ways that therapy helps women navigate all aspects of their lives include:

  • Improving overall communication ability 
  • Increasing empathy and compassion (for yourself and others)
  • Teaching the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Encouraging self-confidence
  • Offering different perspectives on troubling situations
  • Providing resources to overcome negative thoughts, feelings, and actions

What to Expect from Therapy for Women 

Therapy with our team is all about helping you achieve your goals. When you visit with your counselor for the first time, you’ll talk about what brings you to our office and what you hope to achieve through working with us. Then, we’ll create a plan to help you reach those goals. The really great thing about therapy is that you may discover that your goals are changing as a result of the process. You might come in to the office with a plan to increase your confidence, so you can apply for a big promotion. Only to discover, as you talk with your therapist, what you really want is a career change. This is completely natural. Our therapists understand that the counseling process needs to be dynamic, and we will frequently check in and make adjustments that ensure you’re achieving your goals – even if they change. 

Who Offers Therapy for Women 

Our skilled clinicians have the knowledge and skill to partner with individuals to achieve their therapy goals. Learn more about our counselors who offer therapy for women by clicking the links below:

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