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If you’re looking for family therapy for Little Rock and all of Central Arkansas, Compass Family Counseling is the place to come. Our knowledgeable therapists are no strangers to working with clients in a family therapy setting. Family therapy is designed to build better relationships and improve understanding and compassion. Each individual within the family interacts with and impacts the lives of every other person in the family. The same is also true as the family, as a whole, impacts each person individually. By examining the influences of family, an individual and the family unit learn to better interact, communicate, and create stable, lasting bonds. Dr. Carl Whitaker once said, "There are no individuals in the world, only fragments of families." Our therapists approach family therapy with the goal of healing fractures, improving compassion and empathy, and creating stable family units where all individuals feel safe and vital. Give us a call to schedule your first session.

Should My Family Visit You for Therapy? 

Family therapy may be beneficial in instances of divorce or separation, the death of a family member, communication struggles, and a variety of other presenting problems. It may also be beneficial when one relative struggles with a mental or physical ailment that has an effect on the whole family system. Challenges that we often see in a family therapy setting include:

  • Interaction and communication struggles
  • Parenting skills
  • Blended family concerns
  • Step and blended family situations
  • Health issues
  • Financial resources
  • Family planning
  • Adoption
  • Challenges connected with mental and physical setbacks
  • Loss of job
  • Experiences of grief and loss from the death of a family member

How Does Family Therapy Help?

There is absolutely nothing more crucial than the wellness and health of your family, and our therapists are here to serve the families of Central Arkansas. There are many benefits to family therapy, including:

  • Learning to establish and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing problem solving capabilities as a family
  • Developing deeper empathy and patience for one another
  • Reducing conflict 
  • Managing emotions during interactions
  • Restoring trust and stability 
  • Forgiving family members who’ve caused issues within the family unit
  • Navigating divorce or separation
  • Blending families 
  • Ensuring adopted or fostered children feel at-home within the family unit

What to Expect During Family Therapy

Like our sessions for individuals and couples, family therapy with our team is dynamic. That means our counselors are always assessing the situation and working with your family to adjust therapy plans and goals to ensure your time with us is valuable. During family therapy sessions, we may sit down with every member of the family, or certain groupings of family members may need to meet for sessions more frequently with other members of the family visiting periodically. We’ll work through the logistics during your intake sessions, and we can always adjust our plan as situations change. Family therapy may be helpful with just a few sessions, but more often, it is good to anticipate at least 8-12 sessions with an expectation that you may need to continue. In some cases, family therapy uncovers concerns that are more intense and require a longer duration in therapy.

Who Offers Family Therapy

Our counselors have been trained to work with families and help you find relief and answers to solve the problems you are experiencing. They are excited to work with you. Learn more about our counselors who offer family therapy sessions by clicking the links below:

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We made setting up a therapy session with one of our skilled and qualified therapists as easy as possible, offering you three simple contact options:

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When you call, one of our team members will discuss your appointment request and gather any necessary information to direct you to the best counselor to address your individual needs and schedule a consultation call. If you email us or submit a contact request form, we will call you within 24-hours to setup a consultation with a therapist who will be ready to serve you. Either way, we’re happy to chat with you to answer questions and help you schedule your therapy sessions. 

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