Meet Janelle Von Storch, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor in Little Rock, AR

Janelle Von Storch

Janelle is a licensed professional counselor in Little Rock, Arkansas. She works with individuals of all ages, but specializes in working with children and adolescents who are experiencing, stress, chaos, or trauma in their lives. Janelle helps her clients feel safe enough to open up, and she has the knowledge and experience to guide individuals who work with her to a place of healing and renewal. 

Janelle’s Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science from Sterling College
  • Master of Arts in Counseling from the Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Therapy for Children
  • Therapy for Teens & Adolescents
  • Therapy for Trauma 

Janelle’s Therapy Focus 

  • Therapy for Children
  • Therapy for Teens & Adolescents
  • Therapy for Trauma 

What to Expect During Therapy Sessions with Janelle 

She approaches therapy from a family systems perspective. That means you will explore the sources of distress that may be present in your current or past family unit, but you also work to discover the important ways family can help you to heal. Additionally, Janelle uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help individuals understand the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to increase their self-awareness and empower them to make positive change through the therapeutic process.

Specific Therapy Approach

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Family Systems Therapy 

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