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Comprehensive Counseling Solutions for Individuals, Couples, Families & Groups

Compass Family Counseling offers therapy services to address a variety of concerns for individuals, families, couples, and children in Little Rock and Central Arkansas. Our sessions and programs are designed to assist each person, couple, family, or group to discover untapped social, emotional, and spiritual resources to become a more integrated and transformed person. Learn more about our therapy services for Little Rock and all of Central Arkansas below and by exploring our website. 

Group Therapy Sessions

Compass Family Counseling - Group Therapy

Group therapy is an option that allows more people to access counseling resources. In most cases, we’ll recommend group therapy as one component of a larger counseling plan. Unlike support groups that offer peer-to-peer sharing and community, group therapy is conducted by a licensed therapist who provides evidence-based resources to help people heal, grow, or navigate a challenging life situation. 

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Family Therapy Sessions

Compass Family Counseling - Family Therapy

Our families can be our greatest sources of strength and support, but they can also be a source of underlying relationship struggles and difficulties navigating life’s challenges. The good news is, even the happiest families, can work together through therapy to function better and flourish as a familial unit. 

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Couples & Relationship Therapy

Compass Family Counseling - Couples Counseling

Romantic partnerships offer us stability and support through the challenges that life sends our way. Unfortunately, developing and maintaining healthy relationships can also be challenging and stressful. Working together with their partner and one of our therapists in couples counseling to create a thriving relationship can give individuals a greater sense of peace and satisfaction. Our counselors welcome couples at any stage in a relationship to build, strengthen, or restore their romantic partnership with us. 

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Therapy for Men

Compass Family Counseling - Therapy for Men

Men face unique challenges related to the pressures and preconceptions they feel from their families, businesses, and communities. You want to be a great husband, father, friend, employee, and neighbor, but it’s tough to juggle everything that’s expected of you. Navigating these sources of stress in healthy ways can be difficult, but working with a therapist can help you develop the necessary skills to overcome these obstacles in order to live a more fulfilling life.  

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Therapy for Women

Compass Family Counseling - Therapy for Women

Women seem to be under pressure to “do it all.” You should have a perfect marriage and family, flourishing career, fun social life, and you should look great doing it all. Let’s take a breath and take some of that pressure off your shoulders. No one’s perfect, and your expectations for yourself are the only ones you need to worry about meeting. Working with a therapist can help you navigate life’s challenges and lead a more purposeful life. 

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Counseling for Children & Adolescents

Compass Family Counseling - Therapy for Children

It may not seem like it, but children and teens are navigating a lot of life changes and stresses every day. It’s easy for us, as adults, to forget how difficult being a young person can be. If your child or adolescent is struggling at-home, school, or with their peers, working with one of our caring therapists may help them develop the skills they need to navigate even the most challenging situations.

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Anger Management Therapy

Anger, like any emotion, is healthy and necessary. Getting angry can spur us to make changes, confront people who are negatively impacting us, and move forward in our lives. Anger becomes problematic when it overcomes our ability to respond in safe, reasonable, and responsible ways. If your anger leads to violent outbursts or causes difficulties in your relationships, it may be time to schedule anger management therapy sessions with one of our skilled clinicians. 

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Therapy for Depression

Depression is a common mood disorder that impacts millions of people in the U.S. alone each year. At Compass Family Counseling, our knowledgeable therapists have experience working with individuals who struggle with depression and its damaging effects. It may seem insurmountable, but your counselor will partner with you take back control of your life, manage depression, and live a more satisfying life again. 

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Therapy for Grief & Loss

The loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, and other losses can negatively impact every aspect of our lives. Grief and mourning are healthy and important, but we all deserve to start healing and feeling better. Working with a therapist who understands the challenges of grief and loss can help you make room to mourn while allowing yourself to live fully and joyfully again. 

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Therapy for Stress & Anxiety

We all experience stress or anxiety from time to time. They are natural emotional responses in a range of situations from driving in bad weather, to giving a presentation at work, or deciding which college to attend, elevated emotional response to stress and anxiety is our body’s way of keeping us safe and pushing us to prepare and consider the stakes in any given situation. When stress or anxiety overwhelm us or don’t seem to diminish, the effects can quickly shift from positive to negative. Therapy can help you develop the skills to cope with stress and anxiety and find a greater sense of peace and stability.

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Therapy for Trauma & Abuse

Every person will experience trauma in their lives. It’s easy to think of trauma as something only military service members or survivors of abuse experience, but any situation that overcomes our mind’s ability to process our emotions and thoughts related to the experience is traumatic. Like physical trauma, psychological trauma leaves a wound. You just can’t see it. Therapy gives you the resources to heal the psychological injuries of traumatic experiences. 

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Christian Counseling 

Christian counseling is a type of therapy that brings together traditional talk therapy experiences with Christian belief practices. In session, your counselor will combine faith with the principles of psychology to help you improve your mental health and relationships. This form of counseling allows you to speak freely about your faith and find biblical solutions to the problems that you are walking through. Together, you and your counselor will focus on navigating your spiritual concerns and everyday life struggles.

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Career Counseling 

Whether you’re having trouble getting or keeping a job, you just woke and realized you dread going to work each day, or you’re just ready to be more professionally successful, working with a career counselor can give you the tools you need to achieve workplace success. We offer career counseling for young people who are making decisions about their education and training options for future professions as well as providing supporting and guidance for adults who want to make a career change.

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Therapy for Stress & Anxiety Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted the entire world. Whether you experienced loss directly related to COVID-19 or you’re dealing with the effects of added stress, we could all use a little time and space to discuss the ways our lives have changed because of the pandemic. During therapy sessions, we can help you develop your resilience, increase self-awareness about the ways you are managing new stress and anxiety, and make plans for the hoped for future you’re working toward.

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Online Therapy

Online therapy gives us the ability to extend our counseling services across the entire state of Arkansas. This is a great counseling option if there aren’t appropriate therapy resources in your local community, you have limited mobility, your schedule changes frequently, or you just prefer to visit with us from the comfort of your own home. 

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