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Your profession or occupation is one of the many aspects that integrate to form your whole, authentic self. If you are unsatisfied in work, feeling underappreciated, or tired of it all, your overall contentment with life is usually affected. For numerous individuals, even thinking about making an occupational change opens up a frightening and intimidating course of possible financial insecurity, identification crisis, or concerns about meaning and purpose. Working with a clinician for career counseling in Littler Rock at Compass Family Counseling can help you find the courage to make a career change, plan for success in the workplace, and achieve your future goals. Give us a call today!

Who Should Consider Career Counseling?

Planning your college choices, selecting a professional course for the first time, choosing a new direction in your career, or reentering the labor force after a time of absence can be confusing and frustrating. Even retirement prompts concerns relating to the next stage of life and usually stimulates reflection about the effect you made, standard of excellence you achieved, or purpose you found over the years working in your profession. Having somebody to assist you in uncovering your interests, talents, and strengths to find your best fit within an occupation can reduce the tension of this change and offer you the liberty to stop worrying and feel excited about the possibilities ahead of you.

How Can Career Counseling Help?

Our clinicians have years of experience walking with people as they examine their present work scenarios, get ready for career beginnings and endings, or make changes from one field to another. Job training or workplace coaching are different from career counseling, which concentrates even more on recognizing your professional strengths, potential weaknesses, and motivations. Then, your therapist will help you understand how to effectively use and value your strengths to overcome any potential areas of weaknesses. With discussion and various tools for professional screening, we will take time to:

  • Review your occupation choices in the past
  • Discover exactly what motivates/excites you
  • Define your strengths and exactly what types of professions enable you to use those strengths most successfully
  • Discover the range of choices that may be a great fit, whether for profession, university, or service
  • Establish occupation objectives and means in which to approach those objectives

What to Expect During Career Counseling

Who you are at work and exactly what kind of occupation you choose will play an essential role in your overall wellness and fulfillment. Through the career counseling process, you’ll work with a therapist to better understand how to achieve your workplace goals. As working professionals, our therapists utilize their experience and unique perspectives to help you uncover and develop your one-of-a-kind strengths in order to make a satisfying, challenging occupation be a reality for you.

Who Offers Career Counseling 

Our skilled clinicians have the knowledge and skill to partner with individuals to achieve their career goals. Learn more about our counselors who offer career counseling by clicking the links below:

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