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Depression is the number one reason people consider seeking therapy, so if you’re struggling with depressed mood, you are definitely not alone. Whenever our body’s coping systems are not able to deal with certain tensions, it can lead to or magnify sensations of depression, leaving us struggling to complete everyday tasks and generally not feeling like yourself. Because of the way that depression affects us, even taking the necessary steps to feel better can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Our team of clinicians, at Compass Family Counseling, offer resources for those in need of therapy for depression in Little Rock and all of Central Arkansas. You can learn more about depression and how therapy can benefit you on this page or by calling our practice.

Am I Struggling with Depression?

Do you regularly feel exhausted, uninspired, discouraged, disheartened, or fatigued? If so, you could be experiencing depressed mood often referred to simply as depression. Like other disordered moods, the emotions related to depression like sadness, lack of motivation, or exhaustion are not necessarily bad or good. It’s only natural to feel depressed when you lose a loved one, end a relationship, get passed over for promotion, or if you witness or experience other disheartening events. Depression can cause concerns when your experience of depressed mood doesn’t align with your current situation or it negatively impacts your ability to live a satisfying life. 

A few of the most common signs you maybe be struggling with depression include:

  • Sleep patterns change (either too much or not enough sleep for extended periods)
  • Appetite changes (wanting to eat more or less than usual)
  • Irritation
  • Absence of energy
  • Feeling uninspired
  • Unusual despair
  • Severe swings in weight-loss or gain
  • Low self-confidence and feeling irrelevant
  • Anger
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Loss of interest
  • Decreased libido
  • Withdrawal

How Does Therapy Help with Depression?

If you’re struggling to overcome feelings of depression, therapy can help you reclaim a sense of balance. It can also provide you with healthy coping mechanisms to manage the emotional, mental, and physiological effects of depression. By identifying depression, understanding how it negatively impacts your life, and creating resources to manage these effects, therapy can be an essential component of an individual’s path to restoring a sense of peace and finding more satisfaction in life. 

What to Expect During Therapy for Depression

Because the symptoms of depression can negatively impact your ability to make progress during therapy sessions, we may begin by working with you to manage these negative side effects of depressed mood first. That can include partnering with you to establish a sleep routine, create a healthy meal plan, set goals to accomplish daily tasks (even when you don’t want to), and develop a safety plan for you to access help right away if your depression leads to thoughts of self-harm, suicidal ideation, and other dangerous behaviors. As we work together to tackle the immediate needs created by depression, we’ll also be processing through potential sources and underlying causes of your depressed mood, so you can begin to heal and feel more like yourself again. 

Who Offers Therapy for Depression 

Our skilled clinicians have the knowledge and skill to partner with individuals to achieve their therapy goals. Learn more about our counselors who offer therapy clients who struggle with depression by clicking the links below:

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