Therapy for Grief & Loss in Little Rock, AR

Healing While Honoring Your Loss

Following the death of a loved one, end of an important relationship, or other significant loss, it can be difficult to move forward. Many people even feel guilty moving on. If you’re struggling, it may be time to consider therapy for grief and loss in Little Rock with the Compass Family Therapy team. Through counseling, you can heal and find renewal while still making space to grieve and honor what you’ve lost. It’s a complex situation, and if you want someone to walk this path with you, our therapists are here

What is Grief? 

Grief is an emotional response that’s triggered after a loss. When people hear the word grief, they often think of bereavement, the feeling of mourning and grief we experience after the death of a loved one. However, grief may be triggered by any kind of loss – death, the end of a relationship, or a life transition such as retirement. Simply put, grief is our body’s way of expressing the difficulty of navigating change. 

How Does Therapy Help Following a Loss? 

Whether you’re mourning a loss after the end of someone’s life or you’re dealing with other types of loss, therapy may be a beneficial way of processing your grief and starting to move forward. Grief and mourning are completely natural following a loss of any kind, and recognizing and accepting the validity of this response is very important. However, when grief starts to limit or impede your ability to live a fulfilling life, therapy can help you find ways to cope with and honor the emotions you’re experiencing while, making room for you to start feeling better and moving forward. Therapy can help those struggling with grief to:

  • Overcome feelings of guilt related to “moving on” after loss
  • Identify the ways that grief is impacting their current relationships
  • Understand how grief and bereavement may change the way they connect with others moving forward (some people keep people at arm’s length, others may cling too tightly)
  • Recognize and embrace their grief by making time to mourn (talking about your loss, celebrating the joy you experienced, and looking forward to new opportunities)
  • Accept change and plan for a hopeful future

What Happens During Therapy for Grief & Loss?

Therapy to help you tackle struggles related to grief and loss often begins with simply giving you a dedicated space to discuss what you’ve lost and how it’s impacting your life. As you continue to increase your self-awareness about the way that grief is impacting you, your therapist will help you develop skills to cope with the effects of grief, so you can move forward and find greater joy and satisfaction in your life. Therapy for grief and loss is all about helping you honor your loss and make room for new experiences. 

Who Offers Therapy for Grief & Loss 

Our therapists have training expertise to partner with clients to navigate the difficult time following loss. You deserve to start feeling and living better again, and we can help. Learn more about our counselors who frequently work with individuals experiencing grief and loss by clicking the links below: 

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