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Emotions are not intrinsically good or bad. Unfortunately, anger has gotten a bad reputation because it can be the catalyst for dangerous and violent behaviors, but so can fear, frustration, envy, and a whole host of other emotions. That’s why we don’t offer therapy to get rid of anger. Instead, the Compass Family Counseling team offers therapy for anger management in our Little Rock practice. We strive to help people recognize and process their anger in healthy ways. Learn more about therapy for anger management below, or give our team a call to schedule a consultation today. 

Why Would I Need Therapy for Anger Management?

Anger is a natural feeling that every human being experiences. It is the normal response to irritation or annoyance, disagreements, and injustice. Anger is often the go-to response when one simply doesn’t get their own way. Anger can likewise be a secondary feeling experienced as the outcome of discomfort, loneliness, fright, or distress, and it is often felt when individuals are frustrated with, repress, or misidentify other emotions. 

Anger is not simply an emotional state. It produces negative thoughts and a physical response that relates to the body’s fight or flight mechanism. Whether the catalyst for anger is genuine or perceived, the brain and body will respond to the elevated emotional levels. When people struggle to handle the body’s mental and physical responses to anger, it can result in acts of hostility such as: yelling, throwing things, or attacking another person verbally or physically. When this occurs, especially if these situations arise frequently, it may be time to consider therapy to improve anger management skills. 

How Does Therapy Help with Anger Management?

Anger is one of many emotions that triggers the part of brain that leads to the fight or flight response. Essentially, this is our body’s safety mechanism. When situations outside ourselves trigger elevated emotional response, we fight or flee. Therapy helps people to objectively explore their responses to overwhelming emotions like anger. Consider your own response to anger, do you fight (verbally or physically), or do you run away or shut down? How could your life and your relationships look different if you could change the way you respond to anger? During therapy for anger management, we can discuss the answers to these questions and build your skills to better manage anger, so it doesn’t overwhelm you. 

What to Expect During Therapy for Anger Management

When you visit Compass Family Counseling for help with anger management, we’ll take the time to really explore the sources of your anger and the problematic responses you want to change. That’s an important part of the process, but first, we’ll help you accept and embrace your anger. Being angry doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You’re allowed to be angry. The effect your anger has on you, your behaviors, and the safety of those around you may need to change, but that all starts by giving yourself permission to feel angry. Through the course of therapy, we’ll explore safe and beneficial ways to express the anger you feel, recognize how it affects you, and manage the ways it impacts your daily life. 

Who Offers Anger Management Therapy 

Our skilled clinicians have the knowledge and skill to partner with individuals to achieve their therapy goals. Learn more about our counselors who offer therapy to help individuals who struggle with anger management by clicking the links below:

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