Christian Counseling in Little Rock, AR

What is Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is a type of therapy that brings together traditional talk therapy experiences with Christian belief practices. In session, your counselor will combine faith with the principles of psychology to help you improve your mental health and relationships. This form of counseling allows you to speak freely about your faith and find biblical solutions to the problems that you are walking through. Together we will focus on navigating your spiritual concerns and everyday life struggles.

As we explore your situation and how your faith speaks into that situation, we want to provide a non-judgmental environment that encourages you to learn and incorporate the tools you need. We encourage you to use your faith beliefs to transform your struggles and see them in a different way. We can help you understand the obstacles in front of you while helping you find the tools you will need to get through.

Learn more about integrating your beliefs and therapy below, or give our team a call to schedule a consultation today. 

What Can Christian Counseling Help With?

We believe that faith can speak into our life circumstances in very powerful ways. As you share about your experience, our counselors will help you use your Christian faith to address conditions and life struggles such as these:

Anxiety and Stress, Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Marriage, Depression, Relationships, Divorce, Self-Esteem, and Spirituality.

What if I am Not a Christian?

You will never have a problem in our counseling offices if you are not a Christian or do not want counseling services focused on Christianity. Our counselors are highly trained to work with people in the midst of whatever struggle they are facing using the strengths that the client already possesses. If you are not a Christian it is okay to share this with your counselor. There is no judgement and your counseling experience with us will not be impacted because of it.

Typically as we work to integrate a client’s faith system into their counseling we will ask questions about the client’s beliefs, values, and practices. You can have full confidence that your counselor will not push their own personal faith views on you. We will work within your own faith system to help you.

Enriching Your Counseling Experience

Whether you are looking for counseling from a Christian perspective or have never given faith and counseling much thought, Compass Family Counseling is here for you. We want to help guide you through your situation. We will help you find new ways to fortify your mental health toolbox.

Who Offers Anger Management Therapy 

Our skilled clinicians have the knowledge and skill to partner with individuals to achieve their therapy goals. Learn more about our counselors who offer therapy to help individuals who struggle with anger management by clicking the links below:

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