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Helping Men Navigate Any Challenge

While it’s common for men to struggle with mental health concerns and overwhelming emotions, many still hesitate to seek out therapy. Unfortunately, our culture teaches men to ignore, brush off, or repress the things they feel rather than processing emotions and working through complex situations. If you’re considering taking the brave step to reach out to a therapist, we know you are likely worried about what others will think, and you may feel like you’ll be judged. We know it’s difficult, but this decision can truly transform your life. You deserve to live a satisfying  and  purposeful life, and it just takes one call to get started with therapy for men in Little Rock at Compass Family Counseling. 

Common Reasons Men Seek Therapy

Men are facing many challenges in the 21st century and experiencing increasing levels of anxiety – frequently work or relationship related. This anxiety and the challenging expectations men deal with can lead to numerous concerns that are often seen in a therapist’s office, including:

  • Anger (in relationships, the office, driving)
  • Stress (frequently work related; and generally brought on by problems or sensations of irritation, aggravation, and anger)
  • Work issues (procrastination, avoidance, anger)
  • Addictions (alcohol, sexual, pornography, video/internet, etc.)
  • Depression (frequently expressed as absence of motivation or simply being “stuck”)
  • Relationship issues (issues with a spouse or girlfriend, boss or employee, or a close friend)
  • Divorce (navigating the end of a relationship with a spouse, helping children cope, healing after the end of your marriage)

How Therapy Helps Men Achieve Their Goals 

When it comes  to the success of therapy, men are often their own worst enemies. “I’m a man and I should solve my own problems,” is a belief deeply ingrained in many of us. Even after making the decision to seek therapy, men are often more hesitate to follow through with their therapist’s advice and guidance throughout the therapy process. When men are truly open to the healing therapy provides, the results can be dramatic. Some of the ways that therapy helps men include developing skills to:  

  • Deal with workplace stresses and achieve your career goals
  • Build and maintain better relationships 
  • Work through difficult past situations that are still haunting you
  • Manage overwhelming emotions like anger or anxiety
  • Manage relationship or family stresses

What to Expect During Therapy for Men

Let’s be clear, the stereotypical therapy session from television sitcoms where you lay on a couch and rehash all of the worst things that have ever happened to you is not realistic. Therapy is a safe space to work through the most difficult situations if that’s something that will benefit you, but for the most part, therapy is much more practical. You’ll chat with your therapist about issues you’re facing at the office or in your home life, and you’ll work together to understand the sources of these conflicts and develop tools to manage even the most challenging situations. It really is that simple. 

Who Offers Therapy for Men 

Our skilled clinicians have the knowledge and skill to partner with individuals to achieve their therapy goals. Learn more about our counselors who offer therapy for men by clicking the links below:

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