Group Therapy in Little Rock, AR

Working Together to Achieve Results

When people hear group therapy, they immediately think of support groups. These peer-led groups can be beneficial for many people, and we always encourage people to take advantage of these opportunities if they find a support group that helps them. Group therapy in Little Rock at Compass Family Counseling is a little different. In addition to creating a network of peers who can help  you feel less alone as you work through complex situations, our group sessions also incorporate research-supported therapy methods to develop coping skills, manage emotions, process traumatic experiences, navigate life transitions, or achieve other goals as a group. 

Group therapy offerings in our practice are always changing, and we do our utmost to keep our clients informed about current and upcoming group therapy opportunities. If you have questions about available group therapy sessions or you would like to request a specific group, we’d love to hear from you.

Current Groups

There are no group therapy sessions happening at this time, but groups are always forming. Please check back soon! If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Are you interested in attending group therapy sessions related to a specific topic? Our team would love to hear from you. If we’re unable to provide a group therapy session, we can often direct you to local clinicians who do offer these types of group sessions.

Reasons to Consider Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective counseling option in many situations, and it’s a versatile solution that our therapists enjoy offering for clients. Group counseling isn’t the right option for everyone, but in many cases, it can be an important element of your overall counseling plan or provide greater accessibility, allowing people to receive therapy who may not otherwise have access to these services. Some of the reasons why people choose to attend group therapy include the opportunity to: 

  • Develop communication skills (listening and speaking)
  • Increase self-awareness by paying attention to how habitual behaviors may be perceived by others
  • Meet with a group of people who understand and share some of your experiences and struggles
  • Give and receive support, accountability, and consolation
  • Practice new communication and life skills developed during therapy in a safe and accepting environment
  • Try out therapy in a low-stakes environment where you may not feel as much pressure as you would in a one-on-one therapy session

What to Expect During Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions at Compass Family Counseling are geared toward understanding a specific topic, learning a life skill, or processing difficult emotions. During group counseling sessions, you’ll have the same feeling of support and connection to community offered by peer-led groups, but our sessions are helmed by a knowledgeable, professional therapist who will also provide resources to help individuals make progress toward real change in their daily lives. Group sessions will vary depending on the topic and goals, but they may incorporate a number of different components, including: 

  • Active listening and honest sharing between group members
  • Working to develop skills to process emotions or navigate challenging situations outside the group
  • Breaking into pairs or smaller groups to practice of specific skills
  • “Homework” to apply the knowledge you gain in group therapy sessions to your daily life

Who Offers Group Therapy

Unlike support groups that are typically peer-led, our group therapy sessions are run by skilled therapists. These sessions are focused on helping members of the group develop specific skills, overcome challenges, or generally live more fulfilling lives. Learn more about our counselors who offer group therapy sessions by clicking the links below: 

Get Started

Groups are forming now! Contact us for specific times for groups about addiction, anger, stress, men’s issues, and other concerns. We made setting up a therapy session with one of our skilled and qualified therapists as easy as possible, offering you three simple contact options:

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When you call, one of our team members will discuss your appointment request and gather any necessary information to direct you to the best counselor to address your individual needs and schedule a consultation call. If you email us or submit a contact request form, we will call you within 24-hours to setup a consultation with a therapist who will be ready to serve you. Either way, we’re happy to chat with you to answer questions and help you schedule your therapy sessions. 

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