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Blog August 2013


12-08-2013 Marty Skrivanos

“I had a lousy week and just needed an escape.”

How many times have you said that to yourself? It’s been a long week and the stress and pressure have built all week and finally Friday rolls around you get a chance to exhale and the next thing you know you have given in to some indulgence while dealing with anxiety. Maybe it was food, maybe it was alcohol, maybe pornography, but whatever it was you gave into was an escape in dealing anxiety and stress that had built up over the course of the week. You are not alone. We have all given in to the pressures by simply saying, “I can’t handle this anymore, I need a break” or “I have done so good all week that I deserve a reward.” Whatever the excuse, the fifteen minutes of pleasure is not worth the hard work from the week that just went away on one cupcake, or shot, or porn. Then, the fifteen minutes of pleasure turns into a week of guilt, regret and worry about how to never ever let yourself fall into that trap again.

Prepare yourself for dealing with anxiety and stress on Wednesday so that the pressure doesn’t trap you on Friday. Here is a chance for you to understand the areas of life that cause you stress and how to deal with anxiety and a way to be ready so that when the pressures hit, you do not just cope, but actually thrive.

Learn more about;

Anxiety triggers
Stressors that tend to pile up
Thought stopping
Activities that take your mind away from the tension


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